About Us

Student Law Notes - study from home, the beach, or a cafe.At Student Law Notes we firmly believe that listening is a great way to learn.  We also know that it is impossible to read all the cases for your course and know them well enough for your exam.  We have compiled the essence of each case for you so that you can test your knowledge

Access at any time for flexible, convenient study

If you're not quite sure of what that case was about, just listen to it over and over until you understand it. You can listen from any device that has internet access, even your phone!  Use the handy mobile site for easy access while you are on the go, either on the train, in the car, on the couch or even at work! 

Enjoy your study

We know you'll enjoy learning law and now you'll be able to use those hours of reading towards the rest of your course or towards spending more time relaxing.